Welcome to my website - Knitting and Knotting - where I hope you will find all the equipment and advice you need to follow your favourite craft projects, I am hoping to produce a compendium of all the best sites for buying books, equipment and materials necessary for you to enjoy your favourite hobbies! Knitting, Macrame, Cross stitch and many more " />

Other Crafts

Not everyone enjoys knitting!

Depending on your own circumstances, abilities or temperament you may prefer to create something with a younger image - or with more 'street cred!' Something to wear? Something for your home? There's many choices available!

Maybe you would like something more, or less, difficult? It all depends on your own skills and determination! It's up to you to find your own comfort zone!

There are many other possibilities to choose from! Why not browse through the many crafts that are all widely available and are all very enjoyable!

Happy hunting!

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Tye Dying, Quilting, Crochet, Dress-making

are all great crafts that you should consider.