Welcome to my website - Knitting and Knotting - where I hope you will find all the equipment and advice you need to follow your favourite craft projects, I am hoping to produce a compendium of all the best sites for buying books, equipment and materials necessary for you to enjoy your favourite hobbies! Knitting, Macrame, Cross stitch and many more " />


Some of you may have noticed recently that the 'ancient' art of macrame is making a serious 'comeback' in popularity! This is no surprise to devotees like myself who have always appreciated the enjoyment of this craft!

Macrame is a wonderfully relaxing and creative pastime that can be enjoyed by all! It's surprising just how many beautiful and useful items that can be created from simple knotted twine. Most of you will be familiar with the wonderfully versatile 'plant' hangers. These can range from plain to very elaborate and can be adapted to suit all decors! (Minimalist, warehouse, country kitchen, indoors or out are just a few suggestions!)

But there's a lot more to Macrame!

For the kitchen there's spice racks, table mats, caddy covers etc. For the lounge there's beautiful rugs or wall hangings!

Outside you may want to consider a relaxing and enjoyable hammock! or a hanger for your herbs or strawberries (to keep the snails at bay)

Add to this the beautiful delicate friendship bracelets and other jewellery that can be made using the same easy techniques and you'll agree that this is a hobby that is only limited by your own wishes and desires!

Made By Hippies Tie Dyes.

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