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Cross Stitch

A cross stitch sampler created with love for a new-born baby, a wedding or any other memorable occasion is not only a wonderful thoughtful gift but is also a super reminder of that special day!

it will be cherished as keepsake for many many years to come. Long after the event it will be valued because of the love and affection embraced in the many hours of stitching! There are many Cross stitch kits to choose from. Some are for special occasions, but others can reflect hobbies or interests - for example, cars, bunnies, wild cats or dogs - absolutely everything and anything!

There are quick and easy projects for the beginner as well as more intricate designs for the experienced stitcher.

What about those very special days like Christmas and Birthdays? We all know someone that we cannot find the perfect present for! A simple personalised cross stitch sampler can be the very thing!

I have stitched a birth sampler for each of my four children! I hope in years to come that they will hang them in their own homes and will be as proud of them as I am!

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