Welcome to my website - Knitting and Knotting - where I hope you will find all the equipment and advice you need to follow your favourite craft projects, I am hoping to produce a compendium of all the best sites for buying books, equipment and materials necessary for you to enjoy your favourite hobbies! Knitting, Macrame, Cross stitch and many more " />

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I have been a keen amateur crafts person for as long as I can remember! I have tried most needle crafts - (I've tried knitting, cross-stitching, crocheting, tapestry, quilting, macrame, dress-making - and lots more!) - admittedly with varying degrees of success!

The main benefit of craftwork is that you can 'have a go' with very little expense, experience or equipment and in the privacy of your own home! (No-one need ever see your 'real' disasters - unless you choose to own up!)

The other beauty of needle-crafts is that you have something (for example- a lovely jumper or a colourful rug) to justify watching your favourite television programs for many hours in the afternoon!

I hope you've enjoyed your visit to my web-site and found something of interest! Please come back soon as I hope to add many more links to top class suppliers and advice sites! I also hope to add a blog facility so that we can compare experiences!

PLEASE NOTE - although I've used many of these web-sites myself (& found them reliable) I cannot be held responsible for your personal experience!


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Hobbies, crafts, collecting, holidays and recreation information and articles. How to make christmas tree ornaments and self-created gifts. Develop your creative thinking abilities and self-improvement motivation. Spending christmas in tropics.

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Arts and crafts The image of a crafter or artisan is often serene, even pastoral. It’s easy to imagine a potter spinning his wheel in his barn-turned-studio and then selling his wares at the little farmer’s market down the road. Or a knitter, knitting

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