Welcome to my website - Knitting and Knotting - where I hope you will find all the equipment and advice you need to follow your favourite craft projects, I am hoping to produce a compendium of all the best sites for buying books, equipment and materials necessary for you to enjoy your favourite hobbies! Knitting, Macrame, Cross stitch and many more " />


Welcome to Knitting and Knotting!

Knitting is a centuries old traditional craft that can be enjoyed by all! Born from necessity knitting now provides many hours of pleasure and fulfilment to people all over the world! It can be mastered by all ages and it can be adapted to suit all abilities.

Knitting has its own universal language and techniques - the most famous being Fair Isle or, maybe, Aran. But you don't need to be a fisherman's wife from a remote island to experience the joys of knitting.

Knitting can be done almost anywhere. It doesn't require a lot of time set aside as it can be picked up and resumed at will. Knitting requires only very basic equipment and can be tailored to suit all budgets - from cheap and cheerful to expensive designer chic!

Why not give it a go!

On the other hand - if knitting's really not your thing - have a look at these pages - Cross Stitch - Macrame - or Other Crafts & you may find something to spark your interest!!!!!

FREE knitting patterns! Click here to find your next project!
Knitting Instructions For Beginners - Fun & Easy Knitting For Everyone!

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Knitting Instructions For Beginners - Fun & Easy Knitting For Everyone!